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Locust Grove Studio
Car Art • Put your car in the picture.

To see examples of the CarArt Photo Illustration series, click on the buttons below.

Our CarArt Photo Illustration series starts at a base price of $110 for our show/festival package, which includes taking a photo of your car onsite and placing the car into one of the 60+ scenes currently available. We'll then send you an 11" X 14" print of this enhanced photo. This base show/festival package price comes with one


stipulation: The photo must be shot on site during the show or festival. (To order a print outside of a show/festival, there is an additional travel charge of $0.50 per mile for the artist to come to your home or business to take a photo of your car. And, travel is limited to a radius of 75 miles from Stillwater, Oklahoma.)




If you feel you can supply a useable photo of your car yourself, you can save both the travel charge and an additional $20 off the show/festival package, for a final price of $90. (The photo must be approved for use by the artist. Click here for an instructional "how to" on taking a useable photo.)

2411 W. 10th Avenue  •  Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074 • 405/747-7897  •